Saleh - an introduction

Saleh approaches the classical circus discipline of handstand acrobatics with a playful and adaptable spirit, seeking to perfect it in his unique manner. Exploring unconventional shapes and inventive props, he strives to push the boundaries of his art and the human body. Seeking to expand the possibilities within his discipline and test the boundaries of concentration, strength, and flexibility. Whether on semi-spheres or his own invented handcrafted wooden rocking horse, Saleh continually discovers new ways to achieve equilibrium on a diverse range of objects. His performances reflect the melancholy of the bittersweet journey into adulthood while also conveying the childlike, dreamy freedom of life.

Ultimately, life is a perpetual quest for balance.

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"His handstand performance on a rocking horse is quite breathtaking and was also awarded at the Cirque du Demain Festival in Paris.'"

— Tagesspiegel

"The audience claps to the exhilarating rhythm of 'Run Boy Run' as the artist with an impressive six-pack performs handstand acrobatics on an oversized rocking horse in Clubkid style. Dreamlike!"

— Schwäbische

"On an old rocking horse, Saleh Yazdani performs a handstand and other daring acrobatic feats."

— Kölnische Rundschau

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Saleh Yazdani handstand acrobat with the rocking horse
Handstand act at Italia's got talent
Performance at Persia's got talent
Saleh Yazdani handstand artist

About Saleh

Born into a family of musicians in Berlin in 1997, Saleh quickly discovers his passion for the performing arts. He learned to play the violin at age six and decided to pursue a career as a circus artist at the age of 14 when he began attending the State School of Circus Arts in Berlin. There, he specialized in handstand acrobatics, performing on the most extraordinary props. In 2016, he completed his studies at the Berlin circus school along with Anna Shvedkova, and together, they forged a performance duo that has ever since enthralled audiences.

For his solo performance with the rocking horse at the 38th Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain, Saleh was awarded the bronze medal. Three years on, he and Anna stood on the same stage again, this time being acclaimed with the Prix Moulin Rouge for their mesmerizing duo performance. Both, individually and together with his duo partner, Saleh captivates national and international audiences.

Saleh is not only a circus artist, but his talent extends to modeling and musicianship. In addition to the violin, he is broadening his repertoire through vocal training, embracing new dimensions in his creative journey.



Saleh Yazdani
Phone: +49 152 0492 9963

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